From the archives … Dec 12, 2005

Browsing the missed connections on craigslist randomly this evening netted me the following gem.

A lifetime in a glance – m4w – 35
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Date: 2005-12-12, 6:06PM CST

Ours eyes met, briefly, as we each traipsed along the paths of our lives.

Fate had brought us to proximity; and we briefly acknowledged each other’s presence.

As we fell into each other’s field of vision, I saw the imperceptible yet definite change in your expression…a moment of quiet surprise. An entire lifetime flashed in your expression.

It was a fleeting moment filled with dates and mutual experiences. Families and friends. Nuptials and plans. And children. Many of our fair, gorgeous children erupting joyfully from your fertile womb, each a testament to our love.

In that moment I saw your laugh lines deepen, your hair turn a proud gray, and I heard our many children and grandchildren spin stories of our passionate love.

As our brief connection ended, we continue to traipse about our lives. Each passing second sends our love further into the realm of impossibility.

I never knew you, yet your love made my life complete.

* this is in or around Austin

and the response:

Re: A Lifetime in a Glance – w4m
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Date: 2005-12-12, 10:22PM CST

This wasn’t by any chance in the vegetable section was it?

* this is in or around austin

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