Minecraft Mod Guide for Dads

Modding a Minecraft server is certainly not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. (The difficulty level is somewhere between hanging a screen door and changing a diaper for the first time.) With that said, I’m here to make the lives of my fellow dads just a little bit easier. WHY MODDING? ‘Vanilla’ Minecraft is certainly… Continue reading

How to Get Filthy Rich During a Pandemic

Financial independence is the quintessential American dream. Ask any red-blooded American and you’ll find that it’s somewhere on their top-ten list along with owning a house in Aspen featuring a custom prepper cave/wine cellar, driving a Lambo to the home office of a 20-acre estate, and bumping virtual elbows with Ryan Reynolds while sipping on… Continue reading

Do Your Hardest Work in the Morning

New Year’s resolutions are for chumps. Most New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail. We just aren’t that good at discipline and self-control. And yet we still have a strongly held belief that willpower is something you can actually will into being. Believe that, and you’ll remain a statistic … and become yet another human… Continue reading

Why every parent should have a kick-ass personal morning routine

As a parent, your morning routine typically revolves around your kids. You get up, get ready, and try to get the kids out of the house and where they need to be. And if you’re lucky, you’re on time. A kick-ass morning for a typical (super)parent might consist of: Actually getting up when the alarm… Continue reading